Wonder where all those puppies in the pet store window come from?

Think they're raised in someone's warm loving home before they arrive at the pet store?

Think again! More often than not that cute "puppy in the window" was produced in a puppymill - a place designed to produce as many puppies as possible solely to make money. Read the special edition newsletter from our Florida Keeshond Rescue affiliate for more information about puppymills and pet stores.

KSRF supports the rescue of Keeshonden from these horrible puppymills with your donations!!!

Our purpose: The Keeshond Sunshine Rescue Foundation (KSRF) is dedicated to providing financial assistance for the medical expenses of rescued Keeshonden in foster care. KSRF exists to be different from other sources of rescue funding, and to expedite funding for rescues where other organizations (such as local kennel/breed clubs, KCA, and TAKS) cannot.

KSRF is a not-for-profit corporation under IRS code 501(c)(3). Gifts are tax-deductible; check with your tax advisor.

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