Funding Criteria



also known as the "Sunshine Fund"

Keeshond Sunshine Rescue Foundation (KSRF) is dedicated to providing financial assistance for the medical expenses of purebred Keeshonden in foster care.  KSRF is NOT a rescue group – it does not take responsibility for fostering or placing rescue Keeshonden.  KSRF exists solely to raise and distribute funds to help defray medical costs incurred by individual rescuers or rescue groups to which a foster dog belongs.  The responsibility for fund distribution lies solely with KSRF, and funding decisions are made exclusively by the KSRF Board of Directors.  Funding does not imply certification of rescuers by KSRF, and recipients of KSRF funds do not become members of KSRF.

KSRF is a MN not-for-profit, tax exempt corporation, and under IRS code 501(c)(3) most donations and gifts are tax-deductible; check with your tax advisor for details.

General Conditions for Funding

General conditions for funding


Funding Request Consideration and Priority

Funding requests will be considered and paid in order of the following priorities.

#1 – Large Scale (Puppy Mill) Rescues

Before initiating any large scale rescue activities or taking custody of any dogs for which funds will be requested from KSRF, the group or individual rescuer must contact KSRF to coordinate fund raising and budgeting.  Large scale rescue efforts include acquiring dogs from puppy mill (PM)/high volume breeder (HVB) raids conducted by authorities, PM “going out of business” close-out sales, and multiple dog rescues from a shelter (e.g., when a shelter has acquired a litter or group of retired breeders from a PM/HVB).

Eligible expenses for large scale rescues

1.   Veterinary expenses.  Costs of veterinary care are eligible for reimbursement only while dogs are in foster care.  Application can be made for reimbursement for the following:

2.   Dog acquisition.  Funds from KSRF can be used to pay the cost associated with procuring dogs ONLY if supporters have donated to a designated fund with KSRF in advance.  Only funds designated for this purpose will be used for reimbursement of dog acquisition.  Any excess money in this fund will be applied to veterinary bills for the designated dogs.  Any money remaining after veterinary bills are reimbursed will revert to the general KSRF fund.  Reimbursable expenses include:

The person or group in charge of a high volume rescue is responsible for the initial cost of procuring the dogs.  If sufficient funds aren’t collected to cover the cost of acquiring the dogs, the individual or group must absorb the difference.

Ineligible expenses.  The following expenses are not eligible for reimbursement from KSRF:

Eligibility for reimbursement of costs that don't fall into any of the above categories will be at the sole discretion of KSRF.  KSRF reserves the right to determine what is and what is not a reimbursable medical or non-medical expense.


Conditions.  The applicant must agree to the following conditions.

#2 – Emergency or Urgent Medical Care

Coverage is available for up to 100% of veterinary expenses associated with emergency or urgent treatment.  Funds are available either as reimbursement or paid directly to the emergency clinic/veterinarian.  Eligible expenses include, but are not limited to:

KSRF reserves the right to limit expenditures for emergency or urgent treatment.

In cases of emergency treatment, KSRF should be notified as soon as possible regarding the treatment administered and cost.

In cases of urgent (non-emergency) treatment, KSRF must be notified of the treatment plan in advance.  An estimate of costs is required, as is the prognosis.

If treatment will be prolonged, KSRF may make payments as treatments are received/billed, not at the completion of the treatment.

#3 - Spays/Neuters

Eligible expenses for surgical sterilization (spay/neuter) include:

KSRF encourages rescuers to minimize costs by utilizing low-cost spay/neuter clinics, requesting discounts, etc.  Following surgery, KSRF will review the invoice to determine the amount reimbursed.  Depending on the cost, discount, and other factors, KSRF may opt to cover the complete cost of spay/neuter or to reduce reimbursement to 50% or less.

#4 - Elective Procedures

Non-emergency medical treatments to improve quality of life, and to increase the chances of placement of an otherwise adoptable dog must be approved for funding prior to initiation of treatment.  Expenses are eligible for reimbursement or payment directly to the veterinarian.  Regardless, applicants must submit a funding request and receive funding approval for such treatment before initiating treatment.  Examples include, but are not limited to:

Depending on the funding available, this category may be reduced to 50% or lower, or not covered at all.

#5 - Routine Veterinary Care

Routine veterinary care is eligible for reimbursement only.  This category applies primarily to unadoptable dogs in long-term foster care.  Applicants should contact KSRF to discuss dogs in long-term foster care prior to the initial application for funding.  KSRF reserves the right to determine whether a dog is eligible for such funding, and if so, to set limits on reimbursements.  Items in this category include, but are not limited to:

Limitations & Items NOT Covered

Because KSRF is dedicated to providing funding ONLY for medical costs associated with rescuing Keeshonden, funding is not provided for:  

Furthermore, KSRF is not intended to fund all costs associated with rescue.  Specifically, the regional rescue group or individual rescuer assumes responsibility for the following required expenses:

The KSRF Board is entrusted with the long-term viability of the Fund.  It is our fiduciary duty to make funding decisions that reflect “best practices” of rescue and ensure the financial health of the organization.  Funding decisions will be based on the aforementioned funding criteria, as well as the number and amount of funding requests pending at the time any funding request is made.  To ensure that funds are available for all, we reserve the right to limit the total amount of funding given for each Keeshond to $2,000. 

Emergency Reserve

Funding requests will be considered and paid in order of the priorities listed above.  An emergency reserve amount, or floor, of $1,000 has been established for the Sunshine Fund.  Disbursement of available funds will continue, in accordance with our funding priorities, until the non-reserve amount is depleted.  We will only use funds below our floor amount in the case of Priority #1 or Priority #2 situations.  This policy has been established to protect the viability of the overall fund and to allow us to meet our commitments.

How To Apply

In all cases, contact the KSRF board via email with the details of the situation. The board will provide instructions regarding the individual case. To ask questions, email the board at . To submit a funding request via email, use the funding request button below or click here.

All rescuers should negotiate with their veterinarian for discounted rates for medical procedures for rescues.  In addition, for high- dollar procedures, rescuers should get estimates from different clinics for comparable care.  The more we can save on each funding request, the more money will be available for the next Keeshond in need.

See below for additional instructions regarding each type of request. 

Puppy Mill Rescues

The rescuer shall submit all available information concerning the circumstances of the puppy mill rescue to KSRF via email prior to obtaining the dogs.  Information should include the name of the puppy mill(er), location, rescuer's phone number, number of dogs needing to be rescued, condition of dogs, gender of dogs, time frame for the intervention, and any other pertinent information needed to expedite the rescue operation in a timely manner. For security reasons, this information should only be shared via private email messages directly to the KSRF Board members.  Do not post this information on Facebook or on any email lists.

KSRF will work closely and directly with the lead rescue person to coordinate funding. Together, we will determine the amount of funds needed, how quickly funds are needed, and how many foster homes (and veterinarians) will be involved.  Funds to cover initial buy-out charges (if raised in advance) will be forwarded immediately, and arrangements will be made to cover initial and continuing medical expenses.

Any documentation (bill of sale, release forms, vet bills, adoption contracts, etc.) associated with the puppy mill rescue shall be forwarded to KSRF for our permanent records.

Puppy mill rescues should be adopted for an adoption fee of at least $150.  At the time of adoption, the adopter, rescue organization or individual rescuer shall donate at least $150 per dog to KSRF to partially replenish the fund for future use. 

Emergency Medical Care

As soon as possible after an emergency medical case arises, the rescuer shall contact the KSRF Board to advise us of the situation and the name and telephone number of the attending veterinarian.  KSRF will contact the veterinarian to verify the charges and (at our discretion) make payment arrangements.

KSRF requires a copy of the itemized invoices, either from the rescuer or from the veterinary clinic, for our permanent records.

When dogs receiving emergency medical care funded by KSRF have recovered and are adopted, the rescuer shall inform the adopter of the role KSRF played in the dog’s care and provide the adopter with KSRF’s contact information so that they can make a donation, if they so choose.

Spays/Neuters and Elective Procedures

Prior to spay/neuter or elective procedures, the rescue group or independent rescue person must notify KSRF via email that they will be requesting reimbursement for upcoming medical charges.

The rescuer shall pay the veterinarian/clinic. The rescuer shall submit a funding request, and forward a copy of the itemized invoice to KSRF.  Make sure that KSRF knows to whom the check should be made out.

When dogs receiving care funded by KSRF are adopted, the rescuer shall inform the adopter of the role KSRF played in the dog’s care and provide the adopter with KSRF’s contact information so that they can make a donation, if they so choose. 

Routine Veterinary Care

Reimbursement for routine veterinary care, typically for unadoptable “permanent foster dogs”, is considered on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact KSRF to discuss expenses for an individual dog.

NOTE:  Funding procedures and criteria are subject to change, without notice, based upon the availability of funds at the time of request.

All funding is dependent on verification that the rescue is a purebred Keeshond.  Breed verification includes but is not limited to photographs, vet confirmation, independent rescue volunteer verification, or other appropriate means in order to assure that all Keeshonden benefiting from the Sunshine Fund are purebred.