How to Support

How to Donate

How can you help fund KSRF?

Send a check or money order:


 4420 Mozart Avenue 

Dayton, OH 45424-5968.


Sign up for a monthly pledge donation to KSRF.  Or, make a one-time, memorial, or year-end donation, and pay through PayPal.

Buy Calendars

Orders being paid with check/money order ONLY ** (To pay by Paypal, see below)

Checks/money orders should be made out to Keeshond Sunshine Rescue Foundation (or KSRF) and mailed to:

KSRF c/o Karen Ramsey

4420 Mozart Avenue

Dayton, OH 45424-5968

1 to 9 calendars* = $25 U.S. Dollars (USD) each

10 to 19 calendars* = $20 U.S. Dollars (USD) each

20+ calendars* = $18 U.S. Dollars (USD) each

(*=pricing based on all calendars in the order shipping to the same address to save postage)

*****************************Orders paid with PayPal (see below) ************************

If you want to pay via PayPal (PP), that is perfectly fine! However, PayPal does charge a fee for using their service. They charge either the money sender (you), or the money receiver (KSRF). KSRF can not pay these fees on every calendar order, donation, etc. Therefore, the pricing below includes those fees (which PayPal will deduct when your payment is deposited into our account).  Per calendar pricing is the same as above, but with the PP fees factored in.

All PayPal payments for KSRF calendar orders should be made to:

U.S. orders via PayPal: Calendar tiered unit price + PP % fee of transaction total, plus a PP per order transaction fee - in U.S. Dollars (USD)

1 calendar = $ 26.40

2 calendars = $ 52.30

3 calendars = $ 78.20

4 calendars = $104.10

5 calendars = $130.00

(For other quantities, contact Karen Ramsey <> for proper PayPal pricing.)


Use the "send money" tab. In the message section, include the number of calendars you are ordering, note any additional instructions, and indicate your preferred mailing address.

Shop On-line

Shop on-line, and donate a percentage of your purchase to KSRF!  We are registered with the following programs - each having thousands of well-known retailers for you to choose from.  Registration is free.  Donation percentages vary.  And the program administrators take care of sending the donations directly to KSRF - how much easier could it be??




Charitable Shopping 

giving assistant 

Not only good during the holidays - but all year long!!  Donation checks are sent directly to KSRF per each program's standard protocol. 

Shop on our Zazzle Store! 

Buy KSRF branded clothing - and more items soon to come.  And, coming soon, you will be able to customize your own designs in our Zazzle store!  Check it out by clicking this link  Keeshond_SRF Zazzle Store  -  and this earns KSRF a donation too!!